Anniversary Gifts by the Year

It has become commonplace for brides and grooms to gift one another something small and meaningful on their wedding day. But, when it comes to anniversaries, the facts seem to get fuzzy. Everyone knows that couples often eat the top layer of their cake on their first anniversary—but what is one supposed to gift their spouse on that day besides a quite expired cake? You may also be asking yourself, what is a golden anniversary? Or, do these themed gifts have to be literal? Do not fear, we have answers to these questions and more. But first, here is a breakdown of the major anniversaries and both their traditional and modern day gift themes:

Some of the bigger anniversaries—twenty-five, fifty and sixty—are easy to gift because silver, gold and diamond are easy jewelry gifts. Or, if you are children planning an anniversary party for your parents it is easy to incorporate these colors into a party theme via decorations or cake. However, many of the anniversaries within the first ten years require some creative thinking. Luckily, Etsy is full of creative interpretations and ideas for gifts for every year of marriage. Plus, the modern interpretations of anniversary gifts are more practical if you prefer to go that route.

A couple’s first anniversary is important, and the idea of paper can seem boring or vague. However, paper can be utilized in countless ways to create a memorable gift. Framed wedding themed art and maps are popular gifts. For example, maps could be used to represent where a couple first met, got married, and where they live now. Additionally, if a couple writes their own vows they could have them printed into a beautiful piece of artwork to treasure for a lifetime. Similar ideas can be used for the wood anniversary—wedding vows, a date, monogram, or location could be carved into a wooden sign to hang in one’s home.

Some other anniversaries are self-explanatory as well—fruit, flowers, pottery, and candy are all simple gifts. One particularly important yet difficult anniversary is ten years because the theme is tin. Etsy saves the day again with a creative idea—a sign made out of tin license plates that displays a couples wedding date. It’s quirky and meaningful and definitely unique. For more creative ideas, be sure to look at Pinterest and Etsy. However, at the end of the day, the greatest gift of an anniversary is being with the one you love.

Unique Wedding Locations in Columbus

When initially planning a wedding, certain event venues come to mind—hotels and country clubs for example. However, if you are looking to personalize your wedding and make it more unique, the first step is to pick an untraditional venue. Columbus is full of interesting locations that truly take an event to the next level and cater to your specific wedding tastes. For example, if you are planning a classic and elegant celebration, event venues such as The Ivory Room and the Ohio Statehouse are blank slates that can be elevated with the use of florals, linens and place settings. The Ivory Room offers an unmatched view of downtown Columbus in combination with Cameron Mitchell’s delectable catering. The Statehouse is also an excellent choice because its high ceilings and rich history add grandeur and splendor to your ceremony and reception. Both venues can house 300 guests.

However, traditional weddings are not everyone’s taste. If you are looking for an out of the box location that will be different from any other wedding you have ever attended, the Columbus Zoo is the perfect option. This option is definitely better for a more casual affair or for a couple that simply loves animals. The location boasts the opportunity for an outdoor or indoor ceremony depending on the season and couple’s preferences. The quirkiness of the zoo allows for eccentricity in the ceremony and a fun twist. Plus, the vast space of the zoo allows for a guest count of over 300 people.

If none of the previous locations fit your desires, then maybe an outdoor garden wedding is more your style. The Franklin Park Conservatory boasts four different venues within their location ranging from botanical gardens to an atrium to a charming barn. No matter which part of the location you choose, this venue is sure to be a stunner. It accommodates up to 250 guests. Another great outdoor location perfect for a tented affair is the Bryn Du Mansion in Granville, Ohio. This secluded location is a lush landscape for a couple seeking an outdoor, elevated garden celebration and can seat over 300 guests.

Lastly, if you are looking for a truly urban vibe, Dock 580 is the place to be. This venue offers an industrial atmosphere complete with red brick walls. This location is another blank slate and can take on any desired look. Dock 580 accommodates up to 200 guests and is located in the heart of downtown Columbus.

Overall, Columbus is full of unique wedding locations beyond hotels and country clubs. There are countless unique venues—it is just up to the couple to decide the backdrop of their special day.

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