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Are you team trend or team traditional when it comes to planning your wedding? I am going to break down some of the trend forecast for 2021 weddings and what we can expect!

Whether you want to talk about COVID or not, it certainly is making big waves in the way we plan events. This alone will impact and create many trends. Some we love and some we don’t.

Here are some basic trends you can expect to see in 2021:

Good Bye Buffets. In my opinion plated dinners were always the answer. COVID restrictions vary greatly from state to state however I think it is safe to say, we are all in a place where buffets are on the not happening list. While buffets can be safe, they can be served by catering professionals, the amount of extra equipment set up, maintaining social distancing in line etc. can be a bit much. Also contrary to popular belief, buffet is not always the least expensive option! I encourage you  to talk with your event caterer and think outside the box on ways to make your served dinner more interesting! Amuse- bouche course here we come! 

Assigned Seating. So many couples often think assigning seats is too formal for their wedding. The thought of organizing couples, families, friend groups can be overwhelming. However, there is no better time to start assigning seats! This really allows guest to feel a bit more comfortable as we transition out of our COVID bubbles into social events in the future. As a planner… give me all the organization! We are definitely team assigned seats plus let those creative juices flow for a super fun seating chart display!

Live Streaming of Events. Not just for 2020 but in 2021 as we crawl out of this pandemic, we definitely should forward think to offering another way for family and friends to be a part of your wedding. Maybe it is mailing packets with your wedding ceremony program, a box of goodies or a mini champagne so they can toast you from afar. Streaming your event is something you should definitely add to your planning list! 

The Great Outdoors. In 2020, we were able to creatively move many of our events to outdoor locations or locations that offered open air options. I see this being a big trend in 2021. If you have the opportunity to have guests in an outdoor element, take advantage of that. This as we know does certainly help guests feel a bit more at ease with COVID concerns and safety. However as with any outdoor venue, we always have to consider back up plans. Be sure to have those tents ordered early this year and Mother Nature…please be kind to these couples, they have already been through enough! 


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