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“WOW! You’re an event planner, that must be so exciting and fun.” Well you are right, it is exciting and it is so much fun! I have a dream job…my dream job. Taking visions and turning them into reality! Curating hundreds of events over the past twelve years sure has taught me lots of things especially one prevailing lesson… if you think it is expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur. 

Hiring an event planner while once thought to be a luxury is an absolute necessity in today’s world. Not only has COVID put our world upside down, but now more than ever hiring someone that can lead you through countless decisions all while helping you maintain your bottom line, your vision and keep your sanity is more important than ever before.

So what do I do? What does a planner do? Here are our top three reasons to consider when choosing your planner.

A Subject Matter Expert

Your planner spends the majority of his or her time working alongside industry professionals. A planner should guide you through every step of the decision making process. They should always be up to date not only with trends, but be able to help you build the perfect fit team of vendors to nail your event vision. Planners will know exactly how vendors work through the process, their work style, service fees to fit your budget, etc. Helping you build your dream team starts with your planner.

Master of Timelines 

A seasoned planner knows how to build a fool proof timeline of events. A seasoned planner also knows how to create back up plans on back up plans. This means having vendors on stand by because you know… life happens sometimes. One of the most important aspects of building a solid timeline for your event begins with communication. It is of upmost importance that your planner work closely with every vendor on your team to build the perfect day. By understanding the needs of each vendor not only does your day flow better, but it fully allows each vendor to be able to focus on delivering the best services possible to your event! 

Your Mind Matters

The countless hours of planning, decision making, research, balancing careers, your engagement, and everyone’s opinions can be a lot. Your mind matters. Having a planner is like having an extra Maid of Honor… but one who is the subject matter expert (see paragraph 1) Being a shoulder to lean on is part of what we do. We are always listening and providing solutions. Helping you find that balance so that you and your fiancé can be present… be present through the whole process. I always say preparing for the marriage should be your number one priority. 

Remember planning a wedding is not about spending the most or the least amount of money, it is about making your day exactly that… everything you have dreamed of and more. 


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