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Welcome to my blog where it's all about The Finer Details! I am Jennifer Kontomerkos, the Owner and Lead Planner at The Finer Things Event Planning. I hope that you will spend some time reading all about the latest trends, learn about fabulous vendors and get to know some of our real brides!

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Rethink Your Planning

01/23/15 4:10 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Advice, Home, News

As many of you are embarking on the adventure of wedding planning I am sure you have heard countless opinions and advice, solicited or not from family and friends.
As a professional planner, I wanted to take some time to share some of the most common mistakes I hear the newly engaged making. Hopefully this list will make you rethink your planning strategy over the next 12-18 months.

1. Not establishing a budget from the start!
Budget is the end all be all to everyone. Regardless if you are spending $20,000 or $200,000 a budget is incredibly important. Budget and guest list go hand in hand. I always remind couples to think big picture when establishing a budget. For every 8 guest you add to the list, it is not just another $50 per person for food, it is another table, set of linens, centerpiece, paper goods, chargers etc… Keeping your guest list in check from the beginning is the first step to determining a realistic and functional budget.

2. Doing your own decor!
Yes, the dreaded DIY Bride. The countless hours of Pinterest tutorials, trips to Michael’s Craft Store and Hobby Lobby, your fiance believing you are officially a bridezilla.
I am about to say something very profound here… hiring professionals to handle the decor for your wedding DOES NOT make you any less of a bride. I promise. That is all I have to say about this topic… you are welcome.

3. Hiring vendors based on lowest price quoted.
Yikes. This can be summed up by the very cliche saying, “You Get What You Pay For” and in my experience I can say, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait until you hire an amateur” Please do your homework, it is called planning for a reason. Research your vendors, meet with them, make sure they are the BEST fit for you. I always tell my clients I want them to love each and every vendor that they work with. I want them to feel that the vendor really came through and did their part to make the day perfect. Trust me, this will make or break your planning process.

4. Not letting go.
Let it go…let it go… (singing to the tune from Frozen) Brides need to realize that at some point in the process it is okay to Let it Go. Whether you want a companion guiding you from the beginning or executing your planning in the end. You have to learn to Let it Go at some point so that you can relax and enjoy your day. Which brings me to my favorite point of all….

5. Not focusing on being engaged but planning a party.
You are engaged to be married!!! The person of your dreams has asked you to spend your lives together. This is your engagement time. Time to focus on taking your relationship from separate lives to starting a new chapter as a married couple, a new family. It is so easy to get distracted day in and day out with all of the planning hoopla and forget about planning for a future together as husband and wife. I challenge you to spend at least half the time you dream about your reception, communicating with your fiance about your future together…

Congratulations & Happy Planning!



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To Splurge or Not to Splurge….

05/29/14 1:33 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Advice, Home, News, Uncategorized, Wedding Trends

We all know it is the smallest details that can leave an impression on your wedding guest. From custom cocktail napkins revealing your clever #hashtag to your attention to floral details, guest love to see what is in store. In my opinion there are certain wedding details that should not be overlooked. There are so many bad list out there telling couples to not splurge on photography, flowers or even planners! (Blasphemy!) Here are my top 5 categories I encourage every couple to reflect on.

#1 Photography~ Repeat after me…. “I will not hire a college student to photograph my wedding. I will not my friend’s, uncle’s, cousin’s second wife to photograph my wedding.” (unless she is Annie Leibovitz) This is your wedding! You do not get a mulligan, so do it right the first time. Wedding Photography is a very skilled profession that should only be left to the professionals! It is much more than someone snapping shots behind a camera. It is the preparation that goes into planning, money spent on proper equipment, hours on hours of editing your wedding photos to perfection. My advice, is to splurge and hire a trusted name, a talented professional and someone you connect with! You will thank me many years from now.

#2 Lighting~ yes lighting! Lighting is a subtle way to bring dramatic impact to any wedding reception. Rather it be romantic chandeliers suspended from the ceiling or soft uplights to accent architecture, lighting redirects guest attention to your favorite details and pulls attention away from those less than desirable fixtures or drapes!

#3 Food ~ We have all been to that wedding where we served “wedding chicken, with wedding potatoes and wedding “seasonal vegetables.” Why do we do this? It makes no sense! While most people would be inclined to say they do not remember what they had to eat at Susie Smith’s wedding five years ago, that is not justification for skimping on your food! I highly doubt they would remember if your bouquet was Ranunculus or Roses. Food is the perfect opportunity to wow your guest! Think outside the box… rather than a traditional sit down dinner with 4 courses, try doing a tapas style dinner with 5 courses! Keep your guest engaged and curious with your dinner. Pick your favorite cuisine and go with a theme! Make it fun not boring!

#4 Special Entertainment~ Surprise your guest when they least expect it! It is very typical to go to a wedding reception and be entertained by a band or a DJ while dancing the night away… but dinner time entertainment now that is an unexpected twist that will put the wow factor into your reception! Maybe you and your fiance secretly love bluegrass music… why not hire a bluegrass band to perform while you dine! Or perhaps your fiance is Greek…eh hem, hire some greek dancers to perform a number or two during your dinner! The sky is the limit, but the idea is fun, exciting and unexpected!

#5 Wedding Planner~ Did you actually think this would not be in the Top 5? Where to begin… when it starts to rain unexpectedly who is going to haul those 200 plus chairs inside, flip your room from ceremony to reception set up in less than an hour, run to the altar when your best man passes out, drive to your house during your reception because you forgot your marriage license, or fix the melting wedding cake? We are not just there in case of crisis, we are there through the whole process. From beginning to end our job never stops because we are there “Team Bride – Team Groom” to make sure that you have a wonderful time planning your wedding to ensure all of your vision comes to life. Our goal is to create a unique event, guide your budget and help you make the best decisions to make your dreams reality.

Cheers to your planning!

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Oscar Fashion

03/03/14 7:41 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Home, News, Uncategorized, Wedding Trends

Admit it… whether you watched every second of the 2014 Oscars or just the headlines this morning you were swooning over the fashion. I cannot help but love the looks last night. The classic and timeless looks took center stage all night long as starlets arrived on the red carpet.

There is no way I can pick just one as my favorite or best dressed but I have to say the fitted silhouette shown below is my absolute favorite. It was timeless, elegant and so feminine! Certainly a trend I hope to see more brides in this year!


86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

From the beautiful necklines to detailed trains and corsets designers did not disappoint! One of our favorite trending elements of the evening was the Art Deco vibe as seen in rich pattern, metallic dresses, and of course the jewels… Love the statement necklaces worn by these ladies. So many different styles paired with

Kristen Bell necklace4.jpg Idina Menzel

Of course we cannot forget the gentlemen! Grooms take note! Loving these cream jackets!


Nevertheless, the evening did not disappoint and we can’t wait to see how couples choose to incorporate these Oscar worthy trends into their 2014 wedding style!


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We’re looking for the finest!

12/11/13 7:00 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Home, News

It is that time of year…. intern search 2014! Business is growing rapidly and we are looking for the best of the best to make the cut and join our team! So you think you have what it takes to be an intern with TFTEP?

Simply put the internship is a great opportunity to gain an inside look at what it takes to put on an event from two of the best in the business! Our internships are available for Spring/Summer 2014, Summer/Fall 2014 and All Year! Our interns run, climb, stack, arrange, rearrange, run more, set up, tear down, fix, and did I say run in pink heels? (Yep- pink heels that is what we do!)

Important Points to Consider:

#1 Our internship is NOT like the movies e.g. The Wedding Planner

#2 It is not like anything you have been “dreaming of since you were a little girl”

#3 It is not paid

#4 It is not Full Time

If you like what you have read so far, keep reading!

Seriously, we pride ourselves on knowing that we have an amazing team that will do whatever it takes to make each and every event a complete success! We are looking for individuals that possess the following:

  • Quick on their feet (not just physically, but most important- mentally!)
  • Passionate about events
  • Possess the BEST poker face you have sever seen in your life (seriously this is not negotiable)
  • Can lift up to 35 lbs (yes in heels- I was serious about that)
  • Can work long hours (typically we work 12+ hours on event day)
  • Can be creative without direction
  • Up to date on Color, Trend and Fashion (yes we try to look good on event day too)
  • Have a desire to learn something new
  • Excellent communicator

If you are still smiling, then we want to hear from you!




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Out with the Old, In with the New

09/04/13 11:07 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Advice, News, Wedding Trends
Written by Nicole Erdeljac, TFTEP Staff

Lately, I have been noticing many new traditions at weddings, while a few long-standing traditions have been thrown out the window for some couples.  It can be fun to follow the pack and do what countless couples before you have done, but it’s even more fun to put your own twist on old wedding customs.

Tossing the bouquet~ toss out!
Although some single ladies will say this is one of their favorite wedding traditions, the majority of brides are no longer doing the classic bouquet toss at their reception.  Not as many unattached women are as eager to participate in this event as they used to be.  They could be embarrassed to be showcased in front of the rest of the guests, or simply not want to be flaunted as available. Instead, some brides are honoring the single ladies with a toast, or giving away their bouquet to a close girlfriend or family member.

Kimberly Potterf Photography

Kimberly Potterf Photography
Rose Bredl Flowers

Have your cake, and eat it too?
In the past, it was always tradition for couples to take home the very top tier of their wedding cake and then freeze it for one year to reopen and enjoy on their one-year wedding anniversary.  These days, many cake bakers will bake you a new cake for your one-year anniversary, so that you have something fresh and delicious to enjoy, just like you did on your actual wedding day.  This is typically included in the cost of your original cake, and is something you should check in your contract before throwing that first top tier out! Further, some couples are opting against cake at all.  Brides and grooms have lately been offering dessert bars or smaller desserts such as cupcakes or cake pops at their receptions to put a new twist on an old tradition.

Alysse Gafkjen Photography

Alysse Gafkjen Photography
Enticing Icings Custom Cakes

Rings and Petals
Many brides and grooms have turned away from the idea of having a flower girl or ring bearer, or both! This could be for a few different reasons.  Some couples don’t have close relationships with young children and don’t just want anyone in their wedding, while others just don’t want to deal with the logistics of making sure the children know what to do and when.  Both of these situations are an easy fix just by having the Best Man hold onto the rings in his suit or pants pocket until it is time for them. Let the kids be kids!

Noah Joy Photography

Noah Joy Photography

I come bearing gifts….or not
Although it used to be typical to create wedding registries at home stores or finer department stores, this trend has since dwindled.  Some couples are still creating registries, but with a spin.  New registry ideas include purchasing activities for the bride and groom to do on their honeymoon, donations to their favorite charity or adding wine to their collection.  Moreover, many guests are just bringing congratulatory cards and monetary gifts to the reception.

Strike a pose!
Along with having formal photographers at the ceremony and reception, a fun new idea is to bring an old school photo or video booth into the mix. These booths can be a refreshing twist on the guest book.  A photo booth allows guests to take funny pictures and take one strip with them and leave one for the couple with a little note.  They could record words of advice, old memories and new wishes for the couple to-be to watch when they return from their honeymoon.

Is a first look bad luck?
Many people used to believe it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she walks down the aisle.  Logistically, a first look at each other before the ceremony has come to make much more sense.  This time together before the ceremony begins allows time for pictures of the two, and also it may be some of the only alone time that the couple receives on their big day.


Kimberly Potterf Photography

Not so matchy-matchy
Although many brides and grooms try and pick their bridal parties in even or equal numbers, it is the new normal to not have groomsmen paired up with specific bridesmaids. We are seeing uneven numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen in bridal parties, and some are not even walking down the aisle together.  Couples have the option of groomsmen and the groom meeting the rest of the bridal party on stage. This allows the ceremony to be shortened a little bit, and who are we kidding, everyone can get to the reception and celebrate sooner!

That’s a wrap
From throwing sprinkles, lighting sparklers, and blowing bubbles, most couples are doing away with the typical “rice throwing” onto the bride and groom after the ceremony ends.  As the couple makes their grand exit, guests are given different items to create better photos and still wish the couple good luck and wishes in their new life together.

Picture the Love Photography

Picture the Love Photography

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