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Welcome to my blog where it's all about The Finer Details! I am Jennifer Kontomerkos, the Owner and Lead Planner at The Finer Things Event Planning. I hope that you will spend some time reading all about the latest trends, learn about fabulous vendors and get to know some of our real brides!

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Wedding Registry 101

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It’s February! Which means it is time for those summer brides to start registering if you have not done so already. Often I find my clients stating that they do not want to register for gifts. Say WHAT?! I don’t understand. I mean I get it, you are already “on your own” and have towels, sheets, pots and pans etc… but what you probably don’t have is really good stuff! I am talking 1000 thread count sheets or the latest collection of enameled cast iron from Le  Cresuset. Now is your chance to take the time and register for the products you really want. I have a few simple tips I give all of my couples who are ready to register but do not know where to begin.

1) Select 2-3 stores to register. I would say this number depends on your guest count and number of showers you will be having. For the average couple, 2 selections will be perfect! For those having closer to 300 guest, 3 registries may be beneficial.

2) Register during the week. While it is tempting to just run your nearest mall on the weekend, set up an appointment during the week when registry coordinators are less likely to be busy. This will reduce the amount of anxiety you may feel because you will get a little more one on one attention!

3) Have realistic expectations. You will not finish your registry in one day or the first try. If you do… congrats. Most couples however will want to take a break from all of the options. It is okay to go back  (without the fiance who was more excited to play laser tag with the scanning gun) and perhaps take your mother, sister or BFF.

4) Register for yourself at 45 not at 29! Wait… what? Seriously…do it. Try to think of what timeless items you will probably wish you had 10-15 years down the road. China is one of those big items. A lot of my younger brides say they do not want china. They say they will never use it. I say reconsider. Maybe you do not want china at 29 but believe me you will one day want to have a beautiful set to place when cooking a fancy dinner for your family and friends.

5) Maximize Registry Rewards. Many stores offer fantastic incentives to register such as discounts or even free products from manufactures!

Happy Shopping!!!


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So Ya Wanna Be a Planner?!

12/30/15 12:35 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Columbus Wedding Planner, Columbus Weddings, Home, News, Uncategorized

So ya wanna be a planner? Well, you are in luck! It’s that time of year….. time for internship interviews!

We are looking for Columbus’ finest event planning interns for our 2016 event season. If you think you have what

it takes, then take a minute to review The “I-Do’s” and the “Don’t Even Think About It’s”


The I-Do’s~

I do want to learn the event business inside and out

I do seriously want to be a part major life events for clients

I do like to run backwards in high heels (pink ones specifically)

I do like to lift, move, and repeat stacks of chiavari chairs all while smiling

I do like to work 12-16 hour work days, all with a smile of course….

The Don’t Even Think About It’s~

This is an experienced based internship (unpaid…)

Do not ask for Saturday Nights off (really???? should I even have to post that)

Expect a cookie cutter schedule (we work crazy hours that vary greatly each week)

Compare this job to the movie The Wedding Planner when applying.

Okay all joking aside… we are so excited to hear from you! So what do we expect from you?

Please send an e-mail to with a short description of yourself, why you want this internship, and your availability for 2016.




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Time to Be Thankful…

11/18/15 1:19 am | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Advice, Home, News, Uncategorized

I cannot believe next week is Thanksgiving! Where has this year gone??? After putting the kiddos to bed tonight, I began putting the finishing touches on notes for our New Year’s Eve wedding and planning guest accommodations for a Fall 2016 wedding. I feel like I live constantly in the future and have to remind myself daily to live in the present. Which brings me to write this post… a time to be thankful. So let me count my blessings one by one:

1) I am so grateful for all of the wonderful clients I have been blessed with over the past almost 7 years!!!  I love that I have “brides” that I call friends…. I get family Christmas cards from them, their parents and so on. Thank you!

2) I am so grateful couples choose me to be a part of their special day. What an honor… and I am so blessed you give me that honor. Thank you!

3) I am so grateful to work for myself! Being a business owner is a dream come true. It is the most rewarding, most stressful, most exciting, roller coaster and I love every minute of it!

4) I am so grateful for my awesome event assistants Meghan, Demi and my right hand Brooke. You girls rock! Brooke, thank you for being my sanity…and keeping me in check.

5) I am so grateful to be the wife of Tom and mom to Demi, Andrew and Alexandra. You are my world. I am so blessed God gave me each and every one of you. I love you all more than anything.

So I hope my list of thankfulness inspires you to take a moment, live in the moment and count your blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!







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Picking the Perfect Venue

10/27/15 8:35 pm | Comments (0) | Posted By:jennifer | Posted in Advice, Columbus Wedding Planner, Columbus Weddings, Home, News, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized

Happy #WeddingTipTuesday! This week we wanted to share our top 10 considerations that you should have when booking your venue. Booking your venue is one of the most important steps in planning your perfect day and therefore should be one of your top priorities! So while you are on the hunt for the venue space of your dreams take into consideration these 10 things!

10. Location– Picking the perfect location that is easily accessible will be very much appreciated by guests who may be driving there! If you know you are going to have a lot a out of town guest then consider looking at venues close to an airport so that it is more easily accessible for your guests to fly to and from their location.

9. Parking– If you do not intend on providing shuttle service to and from the hotel, wedding venue and reception then make sure your perfect venue has enough parking for your guests. It will lower amount of chaos in the parking lot and also ensure that all of your guests are on time to your wedding and reception if they are in separate locations.

8. Restrooms- Although most venues have easily accessible restrooms, some wedding venues do not. If you plan on having an amazing outdoor wedding then you want to consider renting nice portable bathrooms if the venues restrooms are a long walk. You want to make sure your guests can get back out on the dance floor as fast as possible and enjoy the party!

7. Catering Stipulations– When considering your venue you will want to take into consideration their catering stipulations. Make sure you find out if you have to use their in-house cater or if you can hire an outsider cater to provide your needs for the cocktail party and reception dinner. Lastly, it is great to make sure you know when your contract and initial deposit is due, when you should have your first tasting and when your final guest count will be due too! All of these things will help you and your venue’s staff stay organized.

6. Bar Options– If you want to host the “party of the year” then you must make sure you know what your bar options are when venue shopping. Make sure you ask what the bar minimum is or if you have to purchase the alcohol upfront and take home the leftovers at the end of the night. Knowing this will help you plan ahead if necessary to make sure you keep the party going for your guests! 

5. Lighting– Lighting is one of the most important decorations at your wedding! Therefore, when you are looking at venues make sure to take note on the lighting structures and how bright or dark they can go. This will help you make the necessary decision if you want to add more lighting to your wedding reception and ensure the ambiance of the night! (The Finer Things Event Planning ALWAYS suggests more lighting; it makes everything look more beautiful!)

4. Capacity and Back Up Space- Outdoor weddings can be absolutely beautiful but weather does not always cooperate. The most important thing to take into consideration when booking an outdoor wedding venue is to make sure the indoor back up space will fit the number of wedding guests and still fits your wedding venue needs. You cannot always guarantee how Mother Nature will be on your perfect day but with the perfect venue that has a great outdoor and indoor space everything will still be perfect!

3. Decor– Picking a wedding venue can be a difficult decision and picking decor to fit with that venue can be even more difficult. Make sure to ask what decor is or is not allowed in your dream venue. Some venues have specific stipulations such as no loose flower petals or they only allow LED light candles rather than real candles. These small details are very important to making all of your decor decisions.

2. Vendors- When booking a venue you always want to make sure if you can bring in vendors or if you have to work with a venue’s preferred vendors. This is important especially if you have already booked you florist, cater, etc. 

1. The Fine Print– Signing venue and catering agreements is not like pressing ‘Agree’ to Terms and Agreement when you want to update your electronic device. It is very important that you carefully read through the fine print of all contracts and take note of any additional fees that may be included. By taking the time to carefully read the fine print can ensure that you are not surprised by anything at the end of the night!

At The Finer Things Event Planning we have worked with a lot of different venues around the Central Ohio area. Through our vast experience we believe that these are the top 10 considerations when picking your perfect wedding venue. We always enjoy working with new brides and grooms and helping them pick the perfect place for their perfect day! Happy venue shopping!

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Bridesmaid Trends of 2015

At The Finer Things Event Planning you could say we help plan and execute a lot of weddings every year (of course we do!). From year to year new trends come and go but others tend to stick around for awhile! This year we had our classic bridal parties and we had those setting the trend! We loved them all but we thought we would share the biggest bridesmaid trends that we have seen in 2015!


Over the years mint has been a popular color but in 2015 it seems to be even more popular! This beautiful shade of green is a great color for outdoor weddings or paired with ivory and lace!

Same color, same fabric, DIFFERENT styles.

One of the most popular trends in 2015 is having the same color and fabric but each bridesmaid wearing a different style of the dress. This is a great option for your bridal party if you want to mix things up a little! Also, it allows your bridesmaids to choose a style that best fits their body shape so that everyone feels gorgeous standing next to you on your perfect day!

Monochromatic Dresses

A fun way to make your wedding unique is to have monochromatic dresses, meaning various shades of one color. This is a great way to give your matron of honor(s) the opportunity to stand out a little with a different dress or give each of your bridal party members the option of wearing the shade they like best!


Blush has been a very popular color choice over the years but has been one of the stand out colors this wedding season! Although some might think blush is perfect for spring and summer, it is also a beautiful color for all seasons!

Long Dresses

Outdoor or indoor venues, long dresses have been a dominant trend during this 2015 wedding season! Although there are so many different styles of long dresses, our 2015 brides each picked unique and beautiful long gowns for their bridal party to wear on their perfect day!

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