NAKED Cakes!

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Yes, that is what I said, naked cakes… it’s all the rage! So I have randomly heard of the concept of naked cakes, but I never once gave it any attention–well that is until a bride of mine tells me she is DIY-ing her wedding cake! As a wedding planner, my first reaction was “HOLY SMOKES” as I envisioned dripping buttercream, melted fondant, or even worse, a sinking cake! It was then my bride said, “Don’t worry, I am making a naked cake.” So we began to talk through her vision of an icing-less cake. The idea was very intriguing so I began researching the concept. I found cakes that were made with all types of fillings such as fruits. I have to admit, while I am a sucker for a beautiful, towering five layer buttercream cake with flourishes so rich and perfect it pains me when the first slice is cut, the naked cake is fresh. It’s different, guests do not expect it! Thanks to Hollywood’s glam dolls such as Hilary Duff, the naked cake is taking the scene. Here are a few images to inspire you to go naked on your wedding day! (Ha!)

Naked Cakes

Naked Cakes

Naked Cakes

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